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"Upon browsing your website a few days ago, I noticed the Line-of Credit option and was a little excited myself. I believe Open-end credit options are useful to borrowers, as they allow more control and possibly less interest paid."

Olivia J.

"Your company has been a great help for me during times of emergency situations and has done an outstanding job of providing the help I needed.

I thank you for your time and co-operation in lending me funds for difficult times. "

Tracey C.

"Thank you for all you do to help people like myself that have hardship, I couldn't make it from payday to pay day without caring people such as yourselves."

Lynn C.


"Oh my gosh you have totally made my day...and my life. I have never had a company be so generous to me ever....I mean ever...ever in my entire lifetime.

I will definitely contact National Cash Lenders in the future when I am in a bind with money. I definitely plan on giving your company business again....and I will definitely spread the word to friends and family members about your wonderful reputation.

Have a wonderful day Monique and god bless!"

A. Glona

"Thanks Mike, just for reasons such as this is why I have been a loyal customer to National especially with people like you and Monica. I just love her and her personality. She wonderful. And I love the fact that you guys work with your customers. Thanks you very much. I appreciate that."

R. Brown

"Thank you very much. The money is in my account. I never have to worry about your company. The money is always there on time. I appreciate that especially around this time of the year.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!"

Carol L.


"I have used National Cash Lenders many years and  National Cash Lenders has always come through for me.  For a year I was backed up on several bills and while I was in the process of paying back creditors, paying all of my bills on time, and cleaning up my credit, National Cash Lenders was there.  They help me complete my goals faster than I ever expected!  They have low fees and give you as much needed time as you need to pay the loan back.

Michelle H.

"NCL is always there when I need help. I can't even tell you how much money you have saved me in overdraft fees! Your loan operators are courteous and so helpful. They did everything for me. Thank you!!"

Kristine S.


"Your company was one of the only companies that would give me the loan I requested when I needed one.  It was the first time I had ever used a line of credit loan service...but companies were turning me down because my overdraft protection on the bank account had kicked in and they were not considering my wife's direct deposits.

Finally after applying with 5 or 6 companies in a panic, I got an approval from your company.  It was an easy painless process."


"National Cash Lenders is by far the best line of credit lending company I have ever worked with. The approval process was quick and easy several years ago when I had just had a baby and my family was short on money. At one point I needed a $1000 LOC and it was approved because of my good payment history. I cannot express how the excellent customer service. I recommend NCL to anyone needing a line of credit loan."

Justin L.


"I have really enjoyed working with your company.  Every time I call with a question, problem, or whatever it might be, I ALWAYS GET A COURTEOUS RESPONSE.  The staff is very friendly and willing to work with you.  There are tons of other lenders out there with the same fees, I think the staff sets you apart."

Edward A.


"I have been very happy with the service I have received from your company. I have worked with Jason many times and he has been great to work with. Getting the cash I need has been fast and being able to do the repayment by auto debit has been great. I have recommended your company to others that I knew needed line of credit. With three kids things always come up and it has been great to get the money I need without any hassle. Thanks for making it so easy!"

Beth J.


"First of all, I found your company doing a search on the internet.  I can't remember now what drew me to your ad, but it worked.  You have made a process simple to get started and I appreciate the reminder e-mails a few days before the loan payment is due.  Time has a way of escaping and the e-mails are a big help."

Stacy C.


"I have used NCL for the past 2 years.  I have appreciated the attention my needs have received when needing cash and I also have enjoyed the speed of the loan into my account when I've needed money.  The representatives have always been very courteous to me each time.

Kim L.


"National Cash Lenders has come to my rescue when I needed help and had no one to turn to.  Please don't change, your process puts you number one in my book opposed to your competitors who give you a limited time for payback.  Thank you again for all your help.

Augustine S.


"I like the instant cash card idea.  This was great especially if you need the cash for the same day emergency situations.  National Cash Lenders is a great program."

Cassandra B.


"I like National Cash Lenders because of the ease of doing business, the friendly email reminders about payment for a loan as well as the phone calls. Your rates are lower than most of the loan companies that are available and the customer service experience is one the of best that I've had in a long time!!"

Deborah S.


"I like working with your company when I am in need of a line of credit. They respond fast and never have any problems with getting my money.. I like the fact that it is tranferred right to my card with you and is easy to get too. Everyone is always friendly and very helpful."

Jennifer B.


"I have been using National Cash Lenders for approximately 6 months. I have found it a true convenience of being able to apply online and deal directly through email. Your services are reliable and the of credit loan draws are always received in a lightning fast manner. I have also found your customer services representatives extremely friendly and helpful anytime I have called for clarification.

I am glad to be a customer with National Cash lenders and would like to thank all of those for their excellent service."

Carrie M.

"I really liked doing business with your company. Everything was done is a professional and timely manner.

Thank you again for helping me out in a time of need"

Jamie W.


"I ... think your company is great. It's very simple to make the payments on line. When I have had dealings with anyone on the phone, they were very helpful and courteous. I know that if I ever do need to borrow extra cash from my line of credit, I am able to come to you and the money will be in my account fast. I am very grateful to have found your company."

Janice S.

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